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Boiler Servicing Wirral

Swift Response Limited offer 2 options for boiler servicing Wirral, expert servicing and repairseither a one off single service when needed or an annual maintenance contract on your central heating system, gas boiler and linked controls. This gives a yearly service visit to service the boiler and to ensure everything is functioning efficiently. The Minimum Contract term is for a period of one year. Additional appliances can be included within the contract.

All existing systems are welcome. We just need to visit and check everything is working and fitted to present codes of practice.

Swift Response Limited are fully certified by Gas Safe – which means you can certainly rely on us with the safety of you and your household. We’ve been providing gas appliance maintenance for many years and since then the business was established, have always took pride in the level of happy customers we look after.

book a boiler check for boiler servicing wirralWe always ensure that our engineers are at the forefront of the industry. All of our engineers undertake our extensive in-house training programme, where they learn all aspects of gas appliance servicing, safety and maintenance. We make sure they’re up-to-date with full product knowledge.

It is recommended practice to have an annual gas boiler service to make sure your boiler remains safe, efficient and well-maintained.



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boiler servicing wirral checklist

In a Boiler Service, we will:

  • Complete a gas tightness test that will reveal if you have any gas leaks which could constitute a threat to life or property.
  • Test the safety devices on the boiler equipment.
  • Make sure that your boiler appliance is working at the correct pressures and to its highest efficiency.
  • Check there isn’t any carbon monoxide danger to you or your family.
  • Finally, give your appliances an intensive clean which will ensure they remain in good condition.


We also offer a gas safety check to ensure you and your families stay safe throughout the year. This is a legal requirement for anybody that is a Property manager or manages a Housing Association, Local Authority, Hotel, B&B, College, Boarding School or Hostel. If you own or run a Hotel or B&B in Wirral you need to schedule an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving in a guests accommodation even if your guests are not located near to the gas appliance. For your convenience we normally coincide the gas safety check with your boiler servicing Wirral, as to cause the least disruption to your business’s day-to-day operations.

Any gas safety check will be carried out by a registered Gas Safe professional who is competent and has the technical skills to complete the work correctly and to a standard that satisfies requirements.

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Our Gas Safe registered engineers have a wealth of technical experience for boiler servicing Wirral. We pride ourselves on the Support Services we offer and our capability to give friendly, jargon-free advice. We will answer all your queries, leaving you with total peace of mind regarding your boiler, so contact us today.